Copy to Clipboard 2.0

Copy Button
• Customize your Button
• Copy text from database or manual entry
• Use an Icon and/or Button Text
• Cover other objects to add copy feature (see demo)


New Release

See Demo

Two-State Button

• 2 Buttons in one
• Enable/Disable or 2 Actions
• Separate Styles/Fonts
• Toggle Display
- Use True/False in User Data


New Release

See Demo

Markings Calendar

with Long-Press Functionality
•Click Calendar to Mark/Unmark
• Multiple Colors
• Custom Click/Long-Click actions
• Multiple Language options
- Same Languages as Adalo Calendar


New Release

See Demo

Double-Tap Image

with Blur Functionality
• Double-Tap Actions
• Image Blur functionality
• Use to make Instagram Clone
• Private Images
See Demo

Confirm Password

Sign Up Form
• Confirm Password
• Set Password Requirements
• No Need for Pop-ups
• Customize Language
See Demo

Pie Chart

Pie, Gauge, Donut Charts
• Pie, Gauge, or Donut Charts
• Use Collection Data or Manual
• Chart Animation (web only)
• Easy Setup
See Demo

Device Detector

For Web and WebApps
• Responsive Web Design
• Adapt to Mobile, Tablet, Web
• Highly Customizable
• Easy Setup
See DemoVideo Tutorial

Long-Press Actions

Image and Rectangle Components
• 2 Components
• Create Long-Press Actions
• Image: Animation on Long-Press
• Useable in Custom Lists
See Demo

Copy to Clipboard

Copy Button and Text Box
• Easy to Use
• Fully Customizable
• Single or Multi-Line
See Demo

Reveal Password

aka Better Sign Up Form
• Hide/Reveal Password
• Set Password Requirements
• No Need for Pop-ups
• Customize Language
See Demo

Input Validator

• Force Stronger Passwords
• Set Minimum Character Limits
• Exclude Characters or Spaces
• Set Restrictions with Regex
- Zip Codes, Phone Number, etc
Video Tutorial
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